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Maureen taking a stroll down Hollywood Boulevard.
Soaking up the sun at her Malibu beach home, Maureen O'Sullivan and her puppy.
During a break between scenes, Maureen makes an addition to her script for MGM's Between Two Women.
Maureen during a break on the set of Between Two Women, co-starring Franchot Tone.
On the grounds of her lovely California home, Maureen decorates her 1939 Christmas tree.
Maureen decorates for Christmas with the help of her dog, Roger.  1939
Maureen and Ruth Channing reviving the ancient game of Bowling on the Green.
Norman Foster and Maureen on a shoe shine break during the filming of Skyscraper Souls (MGM)
John Hodiak and Miss O'Sullivan rehearse their lines between scenes in Columbia's Mission Over Korea.
Maureen pauses for a moment to have her hat adjusted before stepping in front of the camera for here scenes in The Emperors Candlesticks.
Maureen needs an eyelash fixing during the production of MGM's Pride and Prejudice.
Maureen sits for the hairdresser between scenes in MGM's Hold That Kiss.
Maureen, Dennis O'Keefe and Buck in the show sequence of MGM's Hold that Kiss, in which Mickey Rooney also has a leading role.
Benita Hume, John Buckler, and Maureen have lunch on the set of MGM's Tarzan Escapes.
Between scenes from MGM's Madelon, Maureen has her hair fixed by her hairdresser.
Maureen chats with Maliza Korjus, the Viennese opera beauty making her debut in MGM's The Great Waltz.
Maureen and Robert Young rehearse their dialogue for MGM's West Point of the Air.
Edmund Gwenn having engaged in a bicycle crash with Robert Taylor for a scene from A Yank at Oxford, tells Maureen just how it felt.
At home in England-- During the filming of A Yank at Oxford, Maureen rented a 16th century cottage in Denham, within walking distance of the studio.
The Director turns Cameraman and snaps a picture of his leading lady.  On location on the High Sierras where Maureen was filming Let Us Live co-starring Henry Fonda.
Maureen was one of the Today Show anchors--here shown with Frank Blair, Hugh Downs, and Jack Lescoulie.
On this page you will find photos of Maureen between scenes and enjoying her downtime.
Not only was Maureen a devastating beauty, but she was a girl who people could relate to.
It is easy to see why she was such a fan favorite!